Comprehensive Training

We provide the most comprehensive support to train and nurture smart individuals like you to develop a career path in financial planning.

We have a very comprehensive program – the Financial Planning Development Program (FPDP) – for those with a commitment to excel in financial planning. The program offered to our new advisors comprises four modules. Upon completion of the 12-month program, Manulife University presents a Diploma for our advisors who manage to put learning into real-life practice; that is, to master the use of and to construct a comprehensive financial plan in meeting customers’ insurance, retirement planning and wealth management goals, with the support of our proprietary financial planning software.

Learn from the Network of Quality Planners

The learning for our new advisors is obviously not limited to classroom learning, but also through ideas exchange. We have a culture of learning and sharing; and this is supported, not just by a very strong training department, but also by practising financial planners in Manulife. We have an in-house association formed by highly experienced financial planners in Manulife, Association of Financial Planning, and we stage regular workshops where we provide networking opportunities for Manulife planners to learn from each other, and continue to excel in financial planning.

Financial Planning Development Program

Module 1 - Need-Based Selling Fundamentals

Module 2 - Risk Management & Advanced Sales Skills

Module 3 - Wealth Management & Retirement Planning & Practices

Module 4 - Comprehensive Financial Planning