Fund Switching Instruction - One-time Rebalancing 

Step 1: Select the contribution type you would like to transfer your fund.

Step 2: Select the fund(s) and input the respective % of your desired investment allocation, then click the "SUBMIT" button to proceed.

Input Percentage should be a whole number

Step 3: Verify the details and click the "CONFIRM" button to complete your instruction.

Step 4: After your submission is completed, a reference number will be assigned and displayed on the screen.

Step 5: You can click “Transaction Log” on the left to check the transaction status, and then click “Fund Switching Instruction - One-time Rebalancing” to check the transaction details.


Smart tips on switching between MPF funds via “Manulife Customer Website” or “Manulife Smart Call”

In response to customers’ feedback and needs, we would like to share with you the following smart tips on fund switching:

1. The cut-off time for requests submitted via our website or Manulife Smart Call (collectively as “e-instructions”) will be 4:00 p.m. on each business day.

2. If an e-instruction is received on the same business day that a written instruction is processed for the same instruction type in respect of Fund Switching Instruction (whether “Fund-to-Fund Switch” or “One-time Rebalancing”) , only the e-instruction will be processed.

3. Based on the type of funds / from which accrued benefits are being transferred / under the same contribution type in respect of Fund Switching Instruction (whether “Fund-to-Fund Switch” or “One-time Rebalancing”) , only the last e-instruction on a business day will be processed if we receive more than one for the same instruction type.

4. When a member has submitted an e-transaction, he/ she should make sure a confirmation of the reference number is provided.

5. Members should check the relevant change, either via our website or Manulife Smart Call, after three business days to ensure the fund switching was completed successfully. No confirmation will be sent by post for e-instructions submitted via the website.

6. As two business days are needed to complete a fund switching transaction, please DO NOT making requests for fund switching that involve the same group of funds within two consecutive days (for example, a request for switching from Fund A to Fund B on day one and then from Fund B back to Fund A on day two may be rejected).