Flexi Retirement Contribution

Retire in your own time, in your own way

Can you envisage your lifestyle when you become retired? While you are setting your own goal for an admirable retirement, are you also taking the right steps to make it work?

If you find your MPF mandatory contributions are not adequate to give you financial strength upon retirement, why not top up your voluntary contributions using the MPF investment platform that you are familiar with.

Take a step closer to your retirement dreams in an MPF way

The MPF system is regulated and monitored by the MPF Authority to provide retirement protection for Hong Kong's workforce, helping us to get prepared for a better tomorrow.

As your employee benefits service provider, we are one step ahead and we have developed a solution for you - Flexi Retirement Contribution (FRC), under our MPF scheme, giving you the edge of:

* Hassle-free investment - Flexi Retirement Contribution will be arranged in the same manner as other MPF contributions under our scheme. Simply choose from the same array of funds that are available in our MPF scheme and decide your investment portfolio for your contributions
* Total control - Flexi Retirement Contribution is independent of your employer. You can make contributions directly to your account at your own pace
* Flexibility - You can make contributions of as little as $500 per month. You can also withdraw your accumulated benefits to cater for any short-term financial needs you may have^
* Investment expertise - Our investment managers will help you manage the investments of the scheme in a professional manner
* Convenience - You can access your account information and benefit statements via our MPF service platform on the Internet and IVRS

^ Please refer to the Offering Document for the details of the withdrawal of Flexi Retirement Contribution.

Investment involves risks. Please refer to the Offering Document for details including risk factors, fees and charges of the scheme.