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Year in Review


MPF provider in Hong Kong1


Customer Satisfaction Insurance Brand2 in Hong Kong for 4 consecutive years


Brand Advocacy for Hong Kong Insurance Sector3 for 4 consecutive years

Longest-continuous insurer

Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, was the company's first President. We are the longest continuously operating life insurer in Hong Kong offering a comprehensive product range: individual, group life and health plans, MPF, mutual funds, and wealth management solutions

Publicly listed

A leading Canada-based financial services group publicly listed on the Toronto, New York, Philippine and Hong Kong stock exchanges


1 MPF market share is measured by share of assets under management (AUM) by scheme sponsor. Source: Mercer MPF Market Shares Report as at June 30, 2022.

2 YouGov Brand Tracking during 2018-2021.

3 YouGov Brand Tracking during 2018-2021.

Our Corporate Video

Manulife Investment Overview

Global investment is what we do to create sustainable value for you


Manulife is Hong Kong’s longest continuously operating life insurer. We’ve been growing and standing with Hongkongers for 125 years.

Making every
day better

Experts in health and retirement, we aim to make decisions easier and lives better for those we serve. Our expanding agency force  is serving about 1 in 3 people in Hong Kong# every day.


We are well-positioned to realize our Greater Bay Area (GBA) vision for existing and future customers, in the context of expanding opportunities in the GBA as well as meeting the growing insurance needs in the region. 



2021 was a winning year for Manulife. With tremendous passion and commitment, we emerged an industry leader with sustained growth as we further expanded our agency force and remained relentlessly focused on making every day better for our customers. In celebrating our 125th anniversary in Hong Kong, we have our sights set on accelerating digitization to ensure an even better customer experience and exceptional services across the Greater Bay Area.

I’m encouraged by our plans for the coming year and the leading role we aim to take in contributing to Hong Kong’s post-pandemic recovery and a community more resilient than ever.

Damien Green

President and Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Asia


No. 1 market share

Total New Premium


No. 1 market share


No. 1 market share

No. of policy issued (issued in HKD)


No. 1 market share


No. 1 market share

ILAS New premium


No. 1 market share


#Around 1 in 3 people in HK are our customers

No. of customers


#Around 1 in 3 people in HK are our customers


Record high

No. of agents


Record high

Financial figures are for 2021 full year. ILAS - Investment-linked assurance scheme. *Figure is approximate and rounded up to the next decimal.

Source: Calculation based on Provisional Statistics on Hong Kong Long Term Insurance Business (Classes A to F) 2021 published by the Insurance Authority.

#Calculated based on the provisional Hong Kong population figure of 7.4 million as at the end of 2021 published by the Census and Statistics Department of HKSAR.

For insurance, the claims procedure is the moment of truth highlighting the value of protection.

Manulife paid out more than HK$4.2 billion under individual insurance claims in 2021.

The above claims include both Hong Kong and Macau policies.

Live better, protect better and care better – Simply better health

  • ManulifeMOVE  – Encourages you to build a healthier life and live better by linking your daily activity levels to premium discounts.
  • ManuPremier Protector and ManuElite Protector life protection plans – Lifelong protection plans that offer long-term savings potential through a non-guaranteed terminal bonus.
  • CareGuard Critical Illness Benefit - A supplementary benefit offering customers the flexibility to choose essential or well-rounded critical illness protection. The plan comes with an innovative complex surgery benefit.
  • New holistic Medical Professional Support Service – A strategic partnership with CUHK Medical Centre to provide customers with priority access to specialists in oncology. A personalized Medical Case Manager with a professional medical background or a qualified nurse will be assigned to help you through cancer treatment with personalized care. 
  • Partnership with Hong Kong Baptist Hospital for better care – Provides customers with access to a new and advanced day medical centre and expanded smart healthcare services, including cashless medical checkups, day endoscopies and imaging services.

Remark: The content of the above does not contain the full terms of the policies or services, and the full terms can be found in the policy or service document.

On ManuBright Care 2 Plus:

  • Bloomberg Businessweek Financial Institution Awards
    - Excellence Award - Critical Illness Protection (2022 and 2021)
    - Excellence Award - Product Innovation (2021)
  • iMoney Insurance Excellence Awards 2021
    - Best Critical Illness Protection
    - Best Innovative Product

On Manulife’s VHIS series:

  • Bloomberg Businessweek Financial Institution Awards 2022 and 2021
    - Outstanding Award - Medical Care
  • iMoney Insurance Excellence Awards 2021
    - Best Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme
  • Headline No.1 Awards 2021
    - No.1 Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme
  • 01 Gold Medal Awards 2021 by HK01
    - Excellence Award of Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme

On Manulife Supreme VHIS Flexi Plan:

  • Bloomberg Businessweek Financial Institution Awards 2022 and 2021
    - Outstanding Award - Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme
  • Metro Finance Greater Bay Area Insurance Awards 2021
    - Outstanding Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Award
  • iMoney Insurance Excellence Awards 2021
    - Best Medical Product

On Manulife’s CI protection:

  • Headline No.1 Awards 2021
    - No.1 Critical Illness Protection

On group life and health insurance:

  • Bloomberg Businessweek Financial Institution Awards 2021
    - Outstanding Award - Employee Benefit (Product)

ManuPremier Protector/ManuElite Protector:

  • Bloomberg Businessweek Financial Institution Awards 2022
    - Excellence Award – Life Insurance

High Agency Growth

up 9%

Number of agents amounted to over 11,600 by end of 2021, up 9% from 2020 and strongest headcount growth among key agency players in the market

High Performance


Agency channel ranked No. 1 in the market by new premiums growth (full year 2021)
Source: Calculation based on Provisional Statistics on Hong Kong Long Term Insurance Business (Classes A to F) 2021 published by the Insurance Authority.

  • Electronic point-of-sales tool (“ePOS”)
    Helps facilitate smoother and customized transaction experiences for our customers. Agent adoption rate for ePOS reached 80% by end of 2021.
  • Virtual F2F
    Unrivalled convenience and security made possible with Virtual Face-to-face Agency Sales Platform. All individual insurance products (including ILAS) can be bought via this platform.

Agent: Li Ying Chuen, David

David’s customer, Matthew, runs his own business and intended to only purchase a pure life protection plan. However, David understands emergency cash is especially important for business owners, as adequate cash flow is critical for day-to-day operations. He suggested taking a savings plan as it might accumulate cash value for the customer in the long run. During the global financial crisis, Matthew’s business suffered from a temporary liquidity shortage and was on the brink of collapse.

David protected Matthew from bankruptcy. Matthew was grateful and also touched by David’s professional analysis and timely support during his crisis. If David were an advisor who just followed the customer's instruction without genuine care for the customer, he might have solely advised on the amount of life coverage requested. However, David put himself in Matthew’s shoes and drew on his extensive product knowledge and 28 years of experience to give his customer the best possible solution.