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New Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Call Menu (effective March 26, 2018)


A new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System with additional options will be launched on March 26, 2018. Please click the links below for our new hotline menus.


Individual Insurance: 2510 3941 (Call Menu)
Wealth Management: 2108 1110 (Call Menu)
Member for MPF & ORSO/GLH: 2108 1388 (Call Menu)
Employer for MPF & ORSO/GLH: 2108 1234 (Call Menu)
Manulife Smart Call: 2108 1313 (Call Menu)


Frequently Asked Questions

Our IVR System / Call Menu has been enhanced as part of our continuous effort to provide customers with personalized and efficient services and to align with Manulife's global platform.

The new IVR System / Call Menu will go live on March 26, 2018.

  • Login function added to all hotlines to provide customers with more personalized services.
  • Speech recognition added to enable the checking of latest fund prices.
  • Queue position information provided to customers from all hotlines.
  • Status information made available for claims processed in recent months (this service applies to Individual insurance customers and selected insured members with Group Medical policies).
  • Individual insurance customers can now check the premium payment methods and the procedures on applying for a policy loan or withdrawal from a policy.

With the enhanced self-services and more personalized services, customers can access the required information more efficiently. Through our new IVR system, customers can also directly access a more extensive range of self-services (e.g. Individual Insurance and Group, Life & Health customers can now check the status of claims processed in recent months).

Call Menus for different products are available at the hotlines below:

Individual Insurance Hotline: 2510 3941 (Call Menu)

Wealth Management: 2108 1110 (Call Menu)

Member Hotline: 2108 1388 (Call Menu)
Employer Hotline: 2108 1234 (Call Menu)

Group Life & Health
Member Hotline: 2108 1388 (Call Menu)
Employer Hotline: 2108 1234 (Call Menu)

If you have any further enquiry, please feel free to contact us via the channels listed on our website.