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Manulife Credit Cards

Manulife Credit Cards

Make the Most of Your Credit

These are times when a responsible credit strategy can prove vital. The Manulife Credit Card is an exclusive offer for you who fully enjoy life. It provides specially selected benefits, privileges and protection.

Key Features

Free CreditShield Insurance Protection

Waives your full outstanding balance when you become disabled, deceased, or the minimum amount if you become temporarily disabled.

Annual Fee Waiver and Discounts

No annual fees for the first 3 years and get a 25% discount on all subsequent years.

Convenient Monthly Premium Payment^

Allows you to pay your monthly premiums automatically while you enjoy earning bonus points.

Immediate Dispute Resolution

Removes doubtful items from your statement and you only make payment pending an investigation.

Additional Benefits:

  • Autopay of Monthly Policy Premium Payment
  •  Free Creditshield Protection
  •  Annual Card Fee
  •  Reward Scheme
  • Up to Triple Rewards for  Overseas Spending
  •  Lost Card Total Protection Service
  •  Immediate Dispute Resolution Service


Card Types:

  • Platinum MasterCard
  • VISA Gold
  • VISA
  • MasterCard


^ Autopay premium service is not applicable to Investment-linked Assurance Schemes and not available to the Manulife Credit Card with MediPlus.


This webpage is for reference only. For details, please refer to the Manulife Credit Card application form.

How to Apply?

Please contact your Manulife Insurance Advisor for an application form and details.

For more information about Manulife Credit Card or other Manulife products or services, please Contact Us.

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