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VHIS Claimable Amount Estimate / Preliminary Assessment

Before the insured person receives medical services, we can provide an estimate of the amount that may be claimed under your VHIS policy. If your VHIS coverage includes “supplementary medical benefit”, a preliminary assessment will also be conducted. No supplementary medical coinsurance shall be applied if the medical services are received in Hong Kong and the preliminary assessment is issued by Manulife (applicable to plans with supplementary medical benefit only).


Get an estimate of your claimable amount now.

Claimable Amount Estimator

Get an estimate of your claimable amount now.

Take just a few simple steps to get the claimable amount estimate / preliminary assessment for your upcoming hospitalization / surgery:

Complete the form (Part I by policy holder / insured person, Part II by attending doctor)

You will receive a reply from Manulife