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Expect the unexpected!


Expect the unexpected!

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Life comes with surprises. Unexpected events are so-called, obviously, because we do not expect them to happen. And yet, they always do. Additional benefits can protect you from such challenges and bring you extra peace of mind. General Insurance products can help you meet your personal and business needs for property protection and security.

A comprehensive range of General Insurance products is available in the market that includes travel, home contents, personal accident, private car, domestic helper, home building, employees’ compensation, business package, golfers and pleasure craft. You can apply for the above mentioned general insurance products through your registered General Insurance Advisors at Manulife.

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Personal Accident

The misfortunes that could befall you are, unfortunately, as unpredictable as the weather. But a fully comprehensive personal accident insurance policy can give you maximum security and protection in the event of even the worst accident.


Travel accidents do happen to Hong Kong people from time to time when they are out of town. No matter what corner of the globe you visit, a worldwide travel insurance plan can protect you and your family whether you’re on holiday or on business.

Please contact your registered General Insurance Advisors at Manulife for more information.