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Stress busters

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Life in a bustling city can be stressful, and it is important to learn to manage and get rid of your stress. You will be surprised how easily it can be done anytime, anywhere.

A city with an applaud-worthy alignment of skyscrapers can also be interpreted as a bustling city, where outlets for stress are scarce. But hold your frustration just a minute, read on, and learn these easy tricks to de-stress.

When work gets the best of you and you’re all tensed up, take a deep breath and stop yourself from hyperventilating. Concentrate on your breathing – you’ll see the magic it works on your battered mental state.

A cup of teaIt’s also a good idea to go for a quick walk and let it take your mind off things. In a few minutes’ time you’ll gain your composure and life is back in perspectives. Likewise, actually take an hour out of your office to lunch instead of multi-tasking while tucking into your takeaway meal. Your mind, just like your body, needs a rest every now and then. If there’s natural sunlight to be had, all the better.

If you cannot afford even 15 minutes outside your office, then go make a cup of Chamomile tea, a calming tea that is known to support, soothe and rejuvenate the nerves. Making the tea and a chatter with a colleague who also happens to be in the pantry are both effective in distracting you from stressful work.

yogaTry to keep a fitness routine every day. Whether it’s jogging, yoga, or punching a bag at the gym, exercising causes the release of chemicals called endorphins into your blood stream, which generates a feeling of happiness.

On a less physically demanding front, spend some time with your family and friends, talk to someone you trust. Keeping a journal for both the negative and positive things in life works just as well, as it’s all about letting feelings or stress off your chest, which enables you to have a better perspective of life.

If you’ve got a whole day to spare, go hike a new trail or try something you’ve never done before as a pleasant distraction. Be inspired, be awe-struck, and life is all good.

Here’s one last tip: smile. Smiling can lower tension, instantly lift your mood and trigger happy feelings. What’s more, scientific research has proven that smiling is helpful in boosting the immune system, reducing stress, and lowering blood pressure.