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Be your own green cook


Be your own green cook

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If your New Year’s resolution is to start eating healthily, roll up your sleeves and let Vinny Lauria, Executive Chef at Linguini Fini, walks you through the basics and the good of home cooking.

Chef Vinny LauriaTo many time-poor Hong Kongers, organic home cooking is a practice to be dodged for the sourcing and preparation of food ingredients, which is often falsely considered to be a lengthy process. But the reality is home cooking can be effortless, enjoyable, and a conscientious choice.

“My family and I used to gather in the garden and sit around the table for dinner on Sunday evenings. I realised that unadulterated, un-genetically altered food tastes simply better,” recalled Chef Vinny, who grew up taking organic cooking as the natural thing to do. “Home cooking is great in so many ways as everyone should be proud and happy eating something that you made yourself. And since you’re cooking your own meal, you can not only tailor it to your own taste, but you also know exactly what you’re putting into your own and your family’s body,” the cook added. Needless to say, cooking and eating with your family and friends brings you together, which helps you bond with them in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

meatball skewersGreen-minded individuals will be delighted to know that organic home cooking is an excellent way to help make the world a greener place. “Chemical fertilisers aren’t used and so they aren’t released into the atmosphere or they won’t poison lakes and rivers. Without additives, fertilisers, pesticides or genetically modifying our produce and animals, we can minimise the irreversible damage to the environment.”

Ensuring a delicious home cooking menu is really very easy. “Find the best food ingredient, and give it some simple seasoning. My method to season fresh vegetables, for instance, is just simply with some salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice – they are delicious without even having to cook them. Serve them with some nicely seasoned sautéed chicken – one of my favourite meals at home.”

If you’re keen on learning more about organic farming and home cooking, organic cooking class and farm trip are fabulous ideas. For details, please visit: http://homegrownfoods.com.hk/


Profile of Vinny Lauria:

Vinny Lauria moved to Hong Kong in 2010 from his home in New York City where he was working as Sous-Chef at legendary Babbo. As a Sicilian-American, Vinny was exposed to traditional southern Italian cooking at a very young age and brings with him an extensive knowledge of Italian cuisine. Vinny Lauria has been the executive chef of Linguini Fini since its opening in July 2011. Chef Lauria has 14 years of culinary experience at the helm of renowned kitchens in Ireland, the US, and Hong Kong.

Photos courtesy of Linguini Fini