critical illnesses

Don’t wait for that rainy day — prepare yourself NOW with our tailor-made insurance plans

We all long for a life of smooth sailing, but reality often falls short of our wishes and expectations. Accidents and illnesses can happen at any time, leaving us with a big problem.

Manulife’s Group Life and Health Protection

Manulife’s Group Life and Health Protection

As a leading provider of group life and health (GLH) insurance plans in the territory, Manulife strives to help companies and employers promote  the financial and physical health of their employees through the offering of comprehensive and innovative protection solutions and services.

Expect the unexpected!

Expect the unexpected!

Life comes with surprises. Unexpected events are so-called, obviously, because we do not expect them to happen. And yet, they always do. Additional benefits can protect you from such challenges and bring you extra peace of mind. General Insurance products can help you meet your personal and business needs for property protection and security.

Manulife Credit Card

Manulife Credit Card provides extra protection on top of spending convenience

Many people today carry a bunch of credit cards in their wallets or purses, but one that they should definitely consider adding to their collection is the Manulife Credit Card issued and managed by the DBS Bank — and better still, for our Group Medical Insurance customers, the Manulife Credit Card With MediPlus.

Prep your finance and mindset for a worry-free retirement

In less than 30 years from now, a quarter of Hong Kong’s population will be senior citizens. This is according to data published by the Census and Statistics Department in 2010 that shows that 13 per cent of Hongkongers are already aged 65 or above and that this figure will surge to 28 per cent by 2039.

Bringing renewed hope to disadvantaged children

Nothing expresses the word “hope” better than a helping hand being extended to children with special needs. It was in this spirit that Manulife sponsored a new Manulife Children’s Resources Centre (MCRC) in Kowloon East, which was opened in May.

Awards highlight Manulife’s quality services and product excellence

One of Manulife’s great strengths is the recognition we repeatedly receive for our commitment to quality services and product excellence — as evidenced by the number of awards we win.

Keeping 3-Highs away

There is an increasing awareness of the three commonly heard health conditions: high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol (known as “3-Highs”), as well as their corresponding preventive and control measures. Here are some tips on Preventive Measures of 3-Highs.

Manulife Hong Kong's brand campaign is back

Following the tremendous response to its multi-media brand campaign in October and November last year, Manulife Hong Kong has launched another series of advertising program at the start of the New Year.

Manulife Hong Kong shines at Benchmark Wealth Management Awards

With people at the core of its protection and health products, Manulife Hong Kong has garnered the “Best in Class” – the top honour – in the “Protection Provider of the Year” category at the Benchmark Wealth Management Awards 2011.

Record-breaking turn-out at Walk For Millions

On the second Sunday of 2012, a 3,000-strong Manulife team took part in this year’s Walk For Millions by the Hong Kong Community Chest, recording the highest turn-out since Manulife began this annual charity act for a worthwhile cause 17 years ago.