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Keeping 3-Highs away


Keeping 3-Highs away

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The report "Cardiovascular Risk Community Screening Pilot Project"* conducted by The Hong Kong Medical Association reveals a high frequency (over 61%) of the prevalence of Hypertension (HT), Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or Hypercholesterolemia (HC) in a total studied population of 3,781. Moreover, male is significantly more prone to HT and DM in the studied population.

Exercise regularly

In fact, there is an increasing awareness of the three commonly heard health conditions: high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol (known as “3-Highs”), as well as their corresponding preventive and control measures. 3-Highs increase the risk of baneful diseases as a result of narrowed or blocked blood vessels, such as stroke, coronary artery heart disease, diabetes, and renal failure.

Preventive Measures

Start by reducing your sodium intake – Staying away from fried, greasy and salty food such as potato chips, canned soup and instant noodles can help to stabilize your blood pressure.

Quit smoking – Nicotine acts on the nervous system, causing the heart rate to rise and blood vessels to constrict. Moreover, smoking increases the cholesterol and fibrinogen levels in the blood. Both factors mean easier formation of blood clots, which increases cardiovascular risks.

Intake more “good” food –  Olive oil, Omega-3 and nuts can help lower your cholesterol level.

Stay fit – Medical report has shown that overweight people who have reduced their weight by around 10% can lower the risk of numerous chronic illnesses.

Exercise regularly – Start with a 30-minute daily walk. When possible, take the stairs instead of using the lift at malls. If done properly, anything you do can be considered exercise.

Regular medical check-ups – It is the best preventive measure as early detection can reduce the rate of mortality and diseases induced by 3-Highs. In other words, regular medical check-ups could contribute to longevity.

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Report of "Cardiovascular Risk Community Screening Pilot Project" by The Hong Kong Medical Association Hong Kong East Community Network , December 2010