Managing your MPF accounts

Taking an active approach to manage your MPF accounts is one of the keys to leading an ideal retirement life. As an employee or a self-employed person, there are two types of MPF accounts you need to manage until retirement:

  • your current MPF contribution account, and
  • your personal account(s) if any

What is a personal account?

A personal account is set up under one’s own name to manage two kinds of MPF assets:

  • MPF accrued benefits from one’s previous employment, and/ or
  • MPF accrued benefits from one’s employee mandatory contributions in the current MPF contribution account, which can be transferred once every calendar year

Make the most of personal account

Your personal account is portable. During the course of your employment, you may end up with several personal accounts with different service providers, each with its own investment portfolio, to manage till you retire. By consolidating your personal accounts in one single personal account with a trusted MPF service provider, you can stay focused and manage your portfolio more effectively.

Consolidating with Manulife

For effective MPF portfolio management, it is crucial for you to review your MPF investments regularly. The Employee Choice Arrangement, which allows employees to transfer their employee mandatory contributions accumulated during current employment annually, provides you an invaluable opportunity to look into your MPF investments in a regular manner and decide if transfer is needed.

By simply consolidating all your MPF accrued benefits in one personal account with Manulife, you may streamline your MPF assets and fund portfolio, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your MPF accrued benefits are properly managed until the day you retire.

Here are some reasons why Manulife is highly received by customers:

  • Extensive Experience: Our experience in managing pension plans dates back to 1936.
  • Strong Market Position: We are the largest MPF scheme sponsor in Hong Kong+.
    +Source: “Mercer MPF Market Shares Report” as at September 30, 2018 by Mercer (Hong Kong) Limited, in terms of market share of total MPF assets by scheme sponsor.
  • Well-recognized Services: Manulife’s commitment to service excellence is backed by the ISO9001 certification for our provident funds services and also the Silver Award in 2011 HKMA Quality Award.
  • Simple Account Management: Our diversified account management platforms, including interactive voice response system and e-MPF Member Online Service, enable you to monitor your account. Same day dealing is available for request successfully completed before 4:00pm on any business day with the buy and sell processes to be carried out using the closing fund price of that day.
  • Strong MPF Team: Our professional MPF intermediaries and experienced customer service officers will be pleased to help and answer your enquiry.
  • Timely Communications: We provide online monthly benefits statements with other member communications and organize member investment seminars on a regular basis to keep you abreast of constituent fund performance and market trends.

Brand New Privileged Rates Program

The longer you stay and the more assets you maintain with us, the better privileged rates you may enjoy from us (Terms and conditions apply).

To learn more about this Privileged Rates Program, please click here.

For enquiries, talk to your Manulife MPF intermediary or call our member hotline on (852) 2108 1388.

Warning: Investment involves risks. Please refer to the Offering Document for details including risk factors, fees and charges of the scheme.

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Personal Account

To manage your retirement investments more efficiently, you may consolidate your MPF accrued benefits from multiple to a single personal account. With Manulife Personal Account you may enjoy special privileged rates on our management fees by way of bonus unit rebate (terms and conditions apply)

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Warning: Investment involves risks. Please refer to the Offering Document for details including risk factors, fees and charges of the scheme.