Maria Lam's Success Story


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Maria Lam - Manager, Employee Benefit

"I vividly recall my first day here at Manulife, starting my 'flying journey'." Maria joined Manulife soon after she received her BBA Marketing Management from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.

"It's like flipping through a journal when I look back my happy days here." From how she describes her work life, you know that she likes traveling a lot!

"I am a 'flying ant' flying here and there to different areas accumulating and consolidating experiences --- that's what my colleagues call me," Maria said with a sweet smile, "I particularly echo their analogy --- 'Your wings will help you glide towards a steep development path that others are dying for'. The more I experienced through the management trainee program, the more I agree with that." As she flips through her flying journal, Maria notices that there were more than just rotation experiences. "It's an abundance of product knowledge, project management capability, interpersonal network, technical know-how, career skills … and many more. All come together allowing me to excel in this competitive and dynamic work environment."

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Every page of the journal is filled with exploration, challenges, laughter and gratitude. "The big leap came with stretching beyond my comfort zone. I mean, I wouldn’t have accomplished all these without the challenges given by the 'big bosses' of each rotation.” Maria continues, "The program enables regular dialogue on my development plan and progress, which are crucial as a freshman in the workplace. The attention and feedback I received from my rotation managers, mentor and human resources are encouraging and assuring."

So, what about after you graduated from the management trainee program? "Hey, of course it doesn’t stop there! There’s so much to learn, so big a room to grow!" Maria responds swiftly, "Even after I completed my trainee program, opportunities just keep on coming. Now I am participating in an industry-wide project to continue 'downloading' knowledge, experiences and capabilities. Isn’t that nice?" Surely, it is!

"I am looking forward to flipping more exciting pages of my journal. Manulife's management trainee program has opened up my eyes, helped me understand more about myself and broadened up my horizon to another level." Maria certainly has a very positive experience. Are you ready for one?