Michelle Law's Success Story


Success Stories at Manulife Careers

Michelle Law - Associate Director, Distribution Operations

Michelle Law, Senior Manager of Agency Operations, started her magic journey with Manulife in 2005 as a management trainee, when she decided to take a bold move, leaving her previous job in another industry.

“Much as I have heard about the fabulous reputation about Manulife, leaving a good company for a new industry was still a trying decision,” Michelle recalled, “It was proven to be a sound one.”

Reviewing her career path in Manulife thus far, Michelle could not help reiterating how impressed and grateful she is towards Manulife’s culture and its genuine focus on people development.

"I am very glad to have worked and to be working with so many superb managers in Manulife. They are not simply supervisors; they took much effort in coaching and developing me,"

Michelle adds, "Yes, I have been given many challenging projects and yes, every time it is so stretching that I almost feel like I have reached the threshold, but with their kind support and guidance, I break them through and complete the projects successfully."

Michelle also emphasizes on the importance of commitment and devotion. "In a successful organization like Manulife, all individuals are highly capable. Career development opportunities in Manulife do not come by chance. You need to continuously perform and demonstrate your capabilities."

Reviewing her rotation during the management trainee programs, Michelle has had the most fabulous memories and experiences. "The structured and stringent rotation schedule has driven me to grow, extended my knowledge and broadened my perspective."

A small piece of advice to fresh graduates? Michelle says, "Do not overlook even the seemingly most insignificant tasks," She adds, "Firstly, understand it thoroughly and figure out how such tasks fit in the overall holistic picture; secondly, this may lead you to initiate constructive recommendations on how to do things in a more efficient way and thirdly, one can only earn bigger responsibilities when proven to be contributing and excelling in small tasks!"

"Manulife is certainly a perfect platform for career development, and the management trainee program is the most fruitful experience I have had," Michelle concluded; and her magic journey continues…