Actuarial Graduate Trainee Program


Actuarial Graduate Trainee Program

Actuaries play a central role in all of our businesses at Manulife.  We take the professional development of our actuaries very seriously, and they hold a variety of important roles within our organization.  Actuaries can work in their area of interest, ranging from positions as financial actuaries to pricing actuaries to actuaries interested in general management.

Program Highlights

Our Actuarial Development Committee offers challenges to expedite your growth in our Actuarial Graduate Trainee Program.  This trainee program provides you with diverse work experience to work alongside some of the top people in our company.  Apart from work, we encourage prospective fellows to undergo continuous professional development.  To support your attaining Actuarial Fellowship, the Company offers reimbursement of exam fees, study materials and preparatory seminars, as well as study leave.  Our Actuarial Development Committee continually reviews and addresses the career development needs of our actuarial staff.

Testimonies from our Actuarial Graduates

"I was in Manulife’s Actuarial Internship program in my university years.  I know what it’s like and that’s why I chose to be an Actuarial Graduate Trainee here --- able to learn from a lot of talented colleagues, good team spirit, good support and follow up."

"I find the program a precious opportunity for me to contribute knowledge I obtained from my previous Manulife internship and from my education.  I am happy to be here to learn, to contribute and to advance."

Application & Selection Process

Interested parties may visit and apply at our "Career Search" web-page.  Qualified candidates will be invited to an interview in the second quarter of the year.