Actuarial Internship Program


Actuarial Internship Program

The Actuarial Internship Program prepares students with real life working experience that facilitate future graduate placement.  It offers an insight into our culture, working environment and career opportunities, plus the chance to work alongside some of the top people in our company.

Program Highlights

  • As a full time intern for typically 3 months or more during/starting from term breaks
  • Opportunities also available to work part-time throughout the school year
  • Actuarial interns will be assigned to different business or function areas where actuarial service is required.
  • There will be regular feedback on work performance, as well as end of program evaluation to help our interns’ future professional development

Qualities & Caliber of Candidates

  • Postgraduate/ undergraduate in local or overseas universities (year 2 or final year) majoring in actuarial science or insurance studies
  • A self-starter, outgoing, adaptive and eager to learn
  • Interested in insurance and wealth management business
  • Good academic results
  • Good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Fluent in written and spoken English and Chinese (Mandarin a plus)
  • Participate actively in extra-curricular activities

Let’s hear from our Actuarial Interns

"I gained invaluable working experiences, which is also my primary goal."

"It’s exciting … I wrote the first macro in my life, pressed ENTER and watched … data extracted in split of seconds, reports generated one after one … all executed according to my codes!  It’s truly amazing!"

"I would consider my colleagues more as friends.  We get along well and complete tasks together, efficiently!"

"My teammates are helpful and always willing to guide me in my tasks.  They listen to my questions patiently, and explain concepts in great detail.  They are seasoned professionals with an entertaining character … prominently shown in leisure time."

"The guidance from experienced colleagues is really important.  I much appreciate the support and coaching from my direct supervisor and colleagues."

"The internship program has provided an excellent chance for me to know more about the industry.  The program structure and duration are flexible, and I think it fits us as students."

How to apply?

Interested parties may visit and apply at our "Career Search" web-page.Qualified candidates will be invited to an interview in due course.