A career platform with holistic support

Manulife offers abundant resources and comprehensive support to help you rank among the elite of the industry and gain membership to the globally recognized the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). 

Manulife has been designated the “Company for Financial Planning Excellence” in the insurance category at the SCMP/IFPHK Financial Planner Awards many years in a row*. The award recognises our achievements and sustained efforts in nurturing professional financial planning talent. Our specific professional training courses aim to help you pave a smooth career path.

1. License Training

Fulfil all the necessary licensing requirements for practising a career in financial planning.

2. Initial Training Course

Learn comprehensive financial planning skills and become a veteran user of Manulife’s pioneering financial planning tools.

3. 90 Days Sustain Program

Hone your professional skills and work efficiency to attain personal career goals.

4. Wealth Management & Financial Planning Training

Become a "retirement solutions expert" through advanced training.

5. Comprehensive Financial Planning

Put your comprehensive financial planning skills into practice under the guidance of veteran planners and compete for financial planner awards.

6. Workshops and Seminars

Share knowledge with your peers and learn the latest industry developments and updates.


* You can click here to get to know our winners. 

Catering to the needs of individual and corporate customers, Manulife offers a wide range of products and customer promotions. As such, you can flexibly select mix-and-match products suitable for designing integrated solutions tailored to customers’ requirements, thereby expanding your customer base across different market segments.

Solutions for individuals

Famed for their variety and innovation, Manulife’s range of products stretch across various categories, including life insurance, daily protection, retirement planning and financial planning. They are highly responsive to market trends while keeping a close track of the needs of individual customers, providing you with the advantages to extend your customer outreach.

Solutions for corporates

As one of the largest MPF service providers in Hong Kong, Manulife’s MPF platform hosts a series of themed funds and pioneered the Privileged Rates Program based on the Employee Choice Arrangement. Coupled with other privileged financial planning solutions, such as group insurance and medical insurance, building your customer base has never been easier.

Manulife devotes huge effort to developing innovative electronic tools and platforms for financial planners to keep abreast of market developments and enhance their service efficiency. With mobile applications and computer software embedding market information and visual support, you can:

  • satisfy customer demands anytime and anywhere, and increase customers’ confidence in you with your professional image;
  • simplify and streamline the process of sophisticated financial analysis, raising productivity; and
  • keep up with market dynamics and adapt to the industry’s latest developments.

To further enhance your efficiency, we will provide comprehensive support and all-round resources though different channels, including sales support offered by professional financial planning teams, as well as professional advice on the design of financial planning solutions by internal underwriting specialists. We also have business centres in prime locations to provide a comprehensive range of after-sales services, helping you establish stable, long-term customer relationships.

Career Seminar

Still undecided about your career track? Join our Manulife career seminar to get a better understanding of the development potential of the financial planning industry.


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Manulife not only pools talent from all walks of life, but is also committed to nurturing professional financial planners, and assisting new recruits in developing an ideal career.


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Newcomers are equipped with company’s proprietary iPad tools and managers’ support to embark on a successful career. Click here to watch the video.