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Diversify your investments though America may avert the fiscal cliff

Diversify your investments though America may avert the fiscal cliff

While US President Barack Obama’s re-election has erased global uncertainties about a "greenhorn" coming to power should Mitt Romney have won, Republicans have retained firm control of the House of Representatives and are showing no signs of easing the political stalemate with a more bipartisan approach. But a last-minute bipartisan compromise over the spending cuts has temporarily spared the country from a fiscal cliff, setting the US and global equity markets on yet another upward spree.

Manulife Launches Two New MPF Constituent Funds

The Manulife MPF Hang Seng Index Tracking Fund and the Manulife MPF Pacific Asia Bond Fund were launched under the Manulife Global Select (MPF) Scheme on April 23, 2012...

No matter what, Europe has to tighten its belt

The European debt crisis, which has been at the forefront of global economic concerns recently, has triggered unwelcome volatility in the financial markets. As the issue has become more complicated and people’s living standards continue to deteriorate, heads of various governments have come under immense pressure.