Our Volunteering Movement


Show our Care by Rendering Our Help

As a Caring Company, Manulife is committed to supporting various community services. We constantly encourage our employees and insurance/financial advisors to volunteer for the betterment of the community and build a better future for the underprivileged in Hong Kong.

Volunteering Initiatives

The following are about some of our volunteering initiatives:

English-literacy course at Manulife Centre for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities

Language courses at Manulife Centre for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities

Manulife staff volunteer to provide guidance to the kids attending the language programs organized by Manulife Centre for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities. During the class, our volunteers read story to and played scrabbled-sentence games with the children aiming to enhance their English learning effectiveness.

Company-wide Blood Donation Drive

Company-wide Blood Donation Drive

The corporate blood drive is an annual community initiative of Manulife. Over the last three decades, more than 10,000 of our staff, advisors as well as many of our customers have made a gift of this life-giving fluid to Hong Kong's blood bank. We are honoured to receive a Certificate from the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service in appreciation of our outstanding participation in voluntary blood donation activities in the insurance sector.

Volunteer Visits to Needy Children and Elderly

Volunteer Visits to Needy Children and Elderly

Manulife staff volunteers visit children and elderly centre regularly, and participate in programs to bring joy and warmth to the needy around festive times.

What Our Volunteers Say

Gladys Chan Customer Service Centre of Individual Financial Products

"It is a very gratifying experience to be able to help out in this way. We try to expand the children's vocabulary, and it is very satisfying to see them making headway."

said Gladys Chan who voluntarily helped the youngsters at the Enhancing English Literacy Program of the Manulife Centre for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities.

Edith Chan Office Services

Edith Chan, who is one of the volunteers paying visit to The Hong Kong Society for the Aged's Hostel for the Elderly, said:

"I was impressed by the hospitality of the elderly at the hostel – they just couldn't wait but welcomed us at the door of their room! The seniors looked especially smart and adorable in their yellow polo-shirt uniforms with sparkling smile! You could also tell from the smile and the high spirit of the volunteers that they treasured very much the moments of sharing with the elderly!”

Eddie Lai Hong Kong Information Technology

Eddie Lai, who has given blood for over 15 years.

"There are many ways in making contributions to the community. It just takes a short while to donate blood, and we can do something meaningful to help people. Plus it is also good for health! "


Let's Make a Difference

As a caring company, we are committed to supporting a variety of causes focused on children, elderly, education and health through donation and staff involvement.

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