Manulife (Macau) Pension Fund Scheme

Understanding your needs for a comprehensive yet easy to manage pension fund scheme, Manulife brings to you the Manulife (Macau) Pension Fund Scheme:

  • Tailor-made: As an employer, you can decide the details of your pension fund scheme to suit the unique situation and needs of your company.

  • Flexible: Employer can decide the contribution style (contributory or non-contributory) and investment allocation of contributions. 

  • Diversified fund choices: Offer six open pension funds with different investment objectives and risk levels. Subject to the employer’s specification, employees may decide their investment allocations in any of these funds based on their own investment appetites and retirement needs.

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Investment involves risks. This webpage is provided for reference only and is intended to provide an overview of the Manulife (Macau) Pension Fund Scheme, which is available only in the Macau Special Administrative Region and not available to Hong Kong investors and not authorized by The Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong. Please refer to the Management Regulation and Participation Agreement for the scheme rules, investment policies of the funds, fees and charges, etc.

If you are in doubt about the meaning and/or effect of the contents of this webpage, you should seek independent professional advice.



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