Make the Most of Your Credit

You wouldn't want to miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or perhaps you need extra cash to overcome a pressing challenge or concern. These are times when a responsible credit strategy can prove vital.

Choosing Manulife Credit Cards

Here are some reasons why many choose Manulife Credit Cards:

  • Free Creditshield Insurance Protection: Waives your full outstanding balance when you become disabled, deceased, or the minimum amount if you become temporarily disabled.
  • Annual Fee Waiver and Discounts: Means you do not pay your annual fees for the first 3 years of annual fees and get to enjoy a 25% discount on all subsequent years.
  • Convenient Monthly Premium Payment: Allows you to pay your monthly premiums automatically while you enjoy earning bonus points.
  • Immediate Dispute Resolution: Removes doubtful items from your statement and you only make payment pending an investigation.