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At Manulife, we believe insurance is more than just self-preservation. Every aspect of your life needs to be protected against the unknown or unforeseen. It ensures that you live more and worry less, while your loved ones do not have to suffer your dependence or if the unthinkable happens.

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Understanding Insurance

Everyone has different needs when it comes to protection. Some may be more worried about their children’s education, while others may be concerned about accidents. Insurance needs also change at every life stage:  from starting out in your career, getting married, having children to retiring. Manulife Insurance offers you the breadth and depth you need to gain a peace of mind.

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Choosing Manulife

Here are some reasons why many choose Manulife to be their insurer:

  • Comprehensive Portfolio: Offers a broad product portfolio that caters to your every need, including financial, health and education for you and your family.
  • Competitive Solutions: When compared to the rest of the market, our solutions ensure that each dollar you spend with us will provide you with the most protection, benefit, and value.
  • Demonstrated Financial Strength: With over a century of experience and financial success in Hong Kong, your protection needs are in the safest and most experienced hands.

Understanding Your Participating Policy

If the policy you have with Manulife is a participating life insurance policy, it provides you with:

  • Guaranteed life insurance protection
  • Guaranteed cash values (applicable to eligible Manulife insurance products only)
  • Annual dividends and / or terminal bonus

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Manulife Investment Overview
Fulfillment Ratio for Participating Products
Policy Illustration Reading Manual


Understanding Your Universal Life Policy

If the policy you have with Manulife is a universal life insurance policy, it offers you:

  • Guaranteed life insurance protection
  • Minimum Guaranteed Crediting Interest Rate (for some universal life products)
  • Guaranteed Crediting Interest Rate Lock (for some universal life products)
  • Guaranteed or non-guaranteed bonus (for some universal life products)
  • Non-guaranteed crediting interest rate

Learn More About Your Universal Life policy
Manulife Investment Overview
Historical Crediting Interest Rates for Universal Life Products – Reporting Year 2018

Guidance Note on Underwriting Long Term Insurance Business (other than Class C Business) (GN16)

Glossary for revised insurance terminology

Emergency Assistance Services and Others

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Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (AEOI) / Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

AEOI is an international standard that involves exchanging financial account information on an automatic basis to enhance tax transparency and combat cross-border tax evasion. In July 2014, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”) released the Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”), asking governments globally to obtain certain financial account information from their financial institutions including insurance companies, and exchange that information automatically with overseas tax jurisdictions.

AEOI Regime and Implication (for Hong Kong)
CRS - Frequently Asked Questions

View video to see how Common Reporting Standard (CRS) affects you.

View video to see how Common Reporting Standard (CRS) affects you.

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Individual Claims Procedures

Follow the Claims Procedures for necessary steps and required documents, and make Individual Insurance claims at ease.

Premium Exchange Rate

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