MPF Fund Price Alert


How to use "MPF Fund Price Alert"?

Step 1:  Log in to eMPF member online service
  • Select "MPF / ORSO / Pension"
  • Select "MPF Fund Price Alert"
Step 2:  Set up an Alert
  • Select the fund you want to set up an alert
  • Input your target unit price
  • Choose the effective period from the "Expires in" menu
  • Read the "terms and conditions" and click "ACCEPT AND SUBMIT"
  • Repeat Step 2 if you want to set up another alert
Step 3:  View details from the Watch List
  • An emal alert will be sent to you when the target unit price is reached and details will be available from the Watch List
  • You can also log in any time to check the status of all instructions set up in the past 90 days