Career Development Opportunities


Charting your own development

Manulife offers two distinct career paths and a clear route for career advancement. Allowing you to unleash your potential and play to your strengths, our career development path ensures you can map out an ideal career in line with your personal goals.

Agency manager

As an agency manager, you have to demonstrate excellent leadership ability and teamwork. Apart from setting the business goals of your subordinates and managing their work, you have to guide new recruits, serving as a professional mentor in their career development.

Financial planner

Manulife also offers a clear and transparent career development track for financial planners. As long as you can meet the specified performance requirements, you will receive opportunities for promotion and receive rewards for your effort.


Career Development Opportunities

Career Seminar

Still undecided about your career track? Join our Manulife career seminar to get a better understanding of the development potential of the financial planning industry.

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Manulife not only pools talent from all walks of life, but is also committed to nurturing professional financial planners, and assisting new recruits in developing an ideal career.


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Success Story

Former Taekwondo master Alan and marathoner Bernadette shared how they achieved both customers’ and their own aspirations through financial planning. Click here to watch the video.