Financial Planning As Your Career


A career in financial planning

From attending school, to purchasing property, getting married, seeking medical care or securing retirement protection, you have different needs and goals at each stage of your life. To achieve your visions and aspirations, a well-thought-out financial planning solution is the key. As a professional financial planner, you serve the important role of a lifelong partner of your customers. You have to appreciate the needs of your customers and tailor-make comprehensive schemes to help them achieve their goals and prepare contingencies.

Our unique 3-step approach to financial planning

Putting customers first is Manulife’s service philosophy; stringent and professional core principles are put into practice when formulating financial planning solutions. Our pioneering and unique 3-step approach to financial planning ensures that services and products fully meet the genuine needs of our customers.


It all begins with our customers. When we welcome customers to Manulife, our first priority is getting to know them, and understanding their dreams and goals. We listen closely and take time to understand their complete financial picture. This allows us to determine the best way to serve them.


After understanding our customers’ needs, expectations and goals, we prepare a customized plan for their future. Then, we recommend insurance and wealth solutions to help bring their dreams to life.


We are with our customers every step of the way, offering guidance, tracking their progress and keeping them in control of their financial future. We make sure that customers know how their plans are working. We regularly review the progress against their goals and recommend changes whenever necessary.

Market opportunities

Be a professional financial planner, and benefit from opportunities in the industry:

Manulife boasts a multifaceted MPF platform that offers a variety of featured funds, helping you benefit from opportunities arising from the Employee Choice Arrangement and fully expanding your customer base.

The trend of an ageing population prompts the public to attach greater importance to securing retirement protection, and the need for financial planning has become more pressing than ever, creating promising prospects for the industry.

As Hong Kong’s population ages, the demand for healthcare and medical services will continue to increase. Faced with rising medical costs, it is imperative for Hong Kong people to formulate well-thought-out medical protection schemes to reduce their financial burden.

According to the Education Bureau of Hong Kong, the annual tuition fees of some institutions in popular places for pursuing further studies, such as Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, can be as high as HK$400,000. Parents have to be well-prepared for their children’s further studies.

Financial Planning As Your Career

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