What our partners say…


What Our Partners Say...


"We are very thankful for Manulife's continuing support. With its funding, we have been able to make a remarkable impact on our community and bring much-needed treatment to children with specific learning difficulties."

Dr. Alice Lai

Centre-in-Charge, Manulife Centre for Children with Specific Learning


Hong Kong Polytechnic University


"We are greatly indebted to Manulife for the tremendous help it is giving us. As a charitable association, we rely on the community spirit of organizations who take an interest in those who do not have the normal advantages in life that most of us enjoy — and Manulife is a supreme example of this. Its support is a huge boon for our children."

Nancy Tsang

Director of Heep Hong Society


"We have received extraordinary support from Manulife over the years, both as a corporation and from its warm-hearted employees. With such community-minded companies in our midst, those touched by cancer can feel hopeful and assured that they will not face cancer alone."

Sally Lo

Chairman of Hong Kong Cancer Fund

Building a Greener Future

As a responsible corporate citizen, Manulife has undertaken a series of green initiatives to help minimize our impact on the environment.

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Our Recognition in Community Service

We receive recognition for our continuous contributions to the community.

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