Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme


Are you willing
to lose a big portion of your hard-earned savings because of an illness?

Amid persistent medical inflation, an overwhelmed public medical system, and insufficient group medical coverage, becoming ill could have serious financial consequences. As a registered provider of Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) certified Standard and Flexi Plan (Company Registration Number: 00034, with Registration Effective Date: February 28, 2019), Manulife brings you VHIS certified plans to help take care of the protection needs for yourself and your family.

How much can a sickness cost?

Staying in a hospital
may cost you
A CT scan
may cost you
Stenting of heart artery
may cost you


Coverage for unknown pre-existing conditions

Reimburse the eligible medical expenses arising from unknown pre-existing conditions4

No lifetime benefit limit

No lifetime benefit limit, with benefit limit refreshed each year

Guaranteed renewal

Once the policy becomes effective, renewal will be guaranteed to age 100 for Standard Plan and lifetime for Flexi Plan, regardless of any change in health condition

Tax Savings
VHIS tax deduction

Premiums paid for you and your dependents can be applied for tax deduction up to HK$8,000 per insured person per year. There is no upper limit on the number of dependents eligible for tax deduction.

Why Manulife's VHIS?

Join ManulifeMOVE5 for free, enjoy premium discount

Achieve specified activity goals and you will enjoy a premium discount of up to 10% in the next policy year when you renew your policy

Health Discount

Enjoy a health discount of up to 16%6,7 if you make no claim for at least 2 consecutive policy years

Already a Manulife customer?

Existing Medical Insurance customers can enjoy the offer upon migration to a VHIS certified plan.

Choose a Manulife VHIS plan suitable for you

Standard Plan vs. Flexi Plan

The list of Manulife VHIS certified plans and respective certification number is available on Question 8 under 'Learn more about VHIS'.

Protection needs vary from person to person. Manulife provides you with the flexibility to choose the coverage that best meets needs of you and your loved one.

Manulife Shelter VHIS Standard Plan is a medical insurance plan that provides reimbursements of medical expenses. It is a VHIS Standard Plan certified by the Food and Health Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and allows you to enjoy dedicated protection along your treatment journey.

Standard Plan
Annual benefit limit
HK$420,000 per policy year
Room and board
HK$750 per day
Maximum 180 days per policy year
Miscellaneous charges
HK$14,000 per policy year
Surgeon's fee
Per surgery, subject to surgical category for the surgery/ procedure in the Schedule of Surgical Procedures-
  • Complex HK$50,000
  • Major HK$25,000
  • Intermediate HK$12,500
  • Minor HK$5,000
Prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments8
HK$80,000 per policy year

Want better protection? See Flexi Plan

Want better protection?

In addition to Manulife Shelter VHIS Standard Plan, we offer Manulife First VHIS Flexi Plan with more extensive protection to bring you enhanced benefit. It is a VHIS Flexi Plan certified by the Food and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with guaranteed lifetime renewal. On top of dedicated protection, the plan offers enhanced benefit coverage like isolation room, hospital companion bed, outpatient kidney dialysis, post-confinement home nursing and emergency outpatient care to give you the flexibility to choose the coverage that best suits your needs.

Want to learn more about product details now?

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Want supplementary medical benefit?

More essential details about VHIS

Learn more about Manulife VHIS
General Procedures
  • Product eligibility and underwriting arrangement
  • Migration arrangement for existing customers
  • Administrative rules and eligibility for tax deduction
  • Complaint procedures
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  1. Referencing 2017 survey conducted by the Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong (LUAHK), published in Insurance & Financial Planning Bimonthly E-Magazine of LUAHK (November & December 2017 Edition) (Chinese version only) on the median expenditure of staying in a private hospital.
  2. According to data from 5 major private hospitals in 2018, abdominal scanning (with contrast injection) can cost up to HK$12,800.
  3. The costs reference to the median charges from 4 major private hospitals in 2017, assuming 1 stent was used in the operation.
  4. Pre-existing condition(s) shall mean, in respect of the insured person, any sickness, disease, injury, physical, mental or medical condition or physiological degradation, including congenital condition, that has existed prior to the policy issuance date or the policy effective date, whichever is the earlier. An ordinary prudent person shall be reasonably aware of a pre-existing condition, where - (a) it has been diagnosed; (b) it has manifested clear and distinct signs or symptoms; or (c) medical advice or treatment has been sought, recommended or received. The Company may impose case-based exclusion(s) to the pre-existing condition(s) notified to the Company in the application for the plan and any subsequent information or document submitted to the Company for the purpose of the application.

    Unknown pre-existing condition(s) refers to any pre-existing condition(s) that the policy holder and/or insured person was not aware and would not reasonably have been aware of at the time of application. Please refer to the policy provisions for the full terms and conditions.
  5. ManulifeMOVE is not part of the VHIS certified plan.
  6. In the event that any benefit under the policy for a policy year that falls in the no claim period becomes payable after the health discount has been applied to the premium, the health discount shall be recalculated for all policy years subsequent to such benefit. The policy holder shall repay to the Company the difference between the health discount actually provided by the Company and the recalculated health discount to be entitled immediately upon the Company's demand. The aforesaid description and the health discount table are for general information only. You should read the policy provisions for exactly how the health discount is calculated and given.
  7. Tax deduction for the qualifying premiums paid under VHIS policy (not including levy) will be based on the premiums paid after deducting the premium discount (if any).
  8. Treatments covered here only include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy.
  9. The Major Medical benefit of annual benefit limit up to HK$250,000 per policy per year is applicable to Policy Owner aged below 76.
  10. Supplementary medical benefit covers the eligible excess expenses under Room and board, Miscellaneous charges, Attending doctor's visit fee, Specialist's fee, Intensive care, Surgeon's fee, Anaesthetist's fee and Operating theatre charges under Basic benefits; and Emergency outpatient care under Enhanced benefit will be covered by supplementary medical benefit. For Room and board, Attending doctor's visit fee and Intensive care under Basic benefits, this benefit shall be payable for the portions of eligible expenses in excess of the respective limits on the number of days as stated, subject to the respective ¡®per day' limits as stated. For Miscellaneous charges, Specialist's fee, Surgeon's fee, Anaesthetist's fee and Operation Theatre charges under Basic benefits and Emergency outpatient care under Enhanced benefits, this benefit shall be payable for the portions of eligible expenses in excess of the respective benefit limits as stated.
  11. The Major Medical Plus benefit of annual benefit limit up to HK$525,000 per policy per year is applicable to Policy Owner aged below 76.
  12. No supplementary medical coinsurance shall be applied if the medical services are received in Hong Kong and preliminary assessment is issued by the Company.
  13. International Medical Assistance^
    ^The service is provided by a third party service provider which is an independent contractor and is not our agent. We shall make no representation, warranty or undertaking as to the availability of any medical opinions given by the medical service provider or any services given by the service providers. The services may change from time to time. Please see the latest Emergency Assistance Benefits Provisions For International Medical Assistance for the terms and conditions of the service.