Securing your golden years

Retirement planning is of life-long concern. It requires patience, long-term planning and lots of discipline. With the commencement of Employee Choice Arrangement on November 1, 2012, employees are allowed to transfer, once per calendar year, accrued benefits derived from their employee mandatory contributions made during current employment from a contribution account under their employer chosen scheme to an MPF scheme of their choice. That is why choosing a trustworthy partner for managing your MPF contributions and retirement reserves is important.

Manulife's retirement offerings

Manulife’s MPF service extends beyond your current employment and well into the future. The Manulife Global Select (MPF) Scheme provides a total of 29 constituent funds covering a diversified fund choices of equity funds (international, regional, single-market and sector), bond funds (international, regional and single-market), mixed assets funds (lifestyle and target date), guaranteed funds and money market fund. Besides, the Default Investment Strategy (“DIS”) is also one of the available investment choices for you as required by the legislative requirement. With our comprehensive fund platform, you may choose among a wide range of investment options when designing your MPF portfolio to suit your distinct retirement needs and investment appetites.

Services for employees include:

Topping up your retirement investments

Here are some additional investment options that may help top up your retirement reserves:

Personal Account

With the commencement of Employee Choice Arrangement, you can set up a personal account and retain all your MPF accrued benefits with Manulife. You may also enjoy special privileged rates on our management fees under Manulife Personal Account by way of bonus unit rebate (terms and conditions apply). Contact your Manulife MPF intermediary or call our Member Hotline on 2108 1388 for more information.

How to apply and transfer to Manulife?

It is easy to set up a personal account or transfer a scheme with us. Simply call your Manulife MPF intermediary or our Member Hotline at 2108 1388 for details. For more information, please refer to the Offering Document.


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MPF Fund Platform

A one-stop platform providing easy access to key information relating to all MPF funds

How to choose MPF?

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Personal Account

To manage your retirement investments more efficiently, you may consolidate your MPF accrued benefits from multiple to a single personal account. With Manulife Personal Account you may enjoy special privileged rates on our management fees by way of bonus unit rebate (terms and conditions apply)

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Warning: Investment involves risks. Please refer to the Offering Document for details including risk factors, fees and charges of the scheme.