ManuFlex Achiever

Throughout different stages of your life, your financial and protection needs will change. Ambitious go-getters like you need a flexible plan that adjusts to the life goals you set yourself. By combining an adjustable level of protection with a savings allocation, ManuFlex Achiever offers you the flexibility to adapt to your needs at every milestone while providing security to you and your loved ones along the way.

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  • Key Feature
    • Flexible payment options – you can enhance your savings by adding any extra money you have on top of your basic premium.

    • Lifetime protection - you can choose either the level or increasing death benefit to help balance your protection and financial needs.

    • Crediting Interest Rate - building up your financial reserve – you will receive interest on account value of your policy at a non-guaranteed crediting interest rate1 while the policy is in force. The crediting interest rate is guaranteed to be no less than 2% per annum in the first 15 policy years.

    • Bonuses - you will get a loyalty bonus at a guaranteed rate on the 15th policy anniversary (the amount of the bonus will depend on the actual premium you have paid, withdrawals you have made, amounts debited in accordance with the “Automatic Withdrawal for Supplementary Benefit Premiums Payment” provision to pay for the supplementary benefit premiums and all basic premium due in the first 15 policy years). You will also get a non-guaranteed performance bonus on the 15th policy anniversary and every 5 years thereafter (the actual amount of the bonus will depend on the monthly account value of your policy during the relevant period and the non-guaranteed bonus rate declared by the Company).

    • Free withdrawal of account value - to meet any changes in your liquidity, you can withdraw up to a certain amount of your account value for free, starting from the 2nd policy year.

    • Guard your policy to age 85 - We guarantee your policy will not lapse up to age 85, as long as the premium that you have paid less all the withdrawals that you have made exceeds all the premium due.

    • Additional Protection - you can add a range of other supplementary benefits to protect you financially against accidents, critical illnesses or hospitalization.


    Important Note:

    ManuFlex Achiever is an insurance product provided and underwritten by Manulife (International) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability). The above provides only general information on this product for your reference only. Please download the product leaflet now or ask your Insurance/Financial Advisor for a copy which will give you more details about this product including the ‘Important Information’ showing the product risks.

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Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)

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