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Protection Options for Retirement

Choosing the right protection

Life insurance offers financial protection for your loved ones. Adequate health insurance safeguards your savings from unexpected medical costs caused by critical illness or hospitalization through injury.

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ManuTotal Care

A limited-pay critical illness plan with dynamic and comprehensive benefits truly taking care of changing protection needs at different life stages.

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  • Free wellness check-ups1 every other year during first 10 policy years

  • Comprehensive protection against 60 major critical illnesses, angioplasty, juvenile and gender specific diseases

  • Extra critical illness protection equals to 20% of the notional amount before age 65 of the life insured or 20th policy anniversary, whichever is later

  • Second Medical Opinion1,2 (Referral services)1,2,3

  • Hospital advance benefit

  • Non-guaranteed annual dividends

  • Inflation protector option (IPO)

  • Continuous critical illness protection with Cover-Me-Again Option


Important Note:

ManuTotal Care is an insurance product provided and underwritten by Manulife (International) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability). The above provides only general information on this product for your reference only. Please download the product leaflet now or ask your Insurance/Financial Advisor for a copy which will give you more details about this product including the ‘Important Information’ showing the product risks.


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