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Group Claims Procedure

At Manulife, our Group Insurance claims process is easy and quick to provide you with the proper safeguards to meet your urgent needs. So you may enjoy peace of mind with protection.

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Claims Procedure
Try our new eClaims Service
Applicable to single receipts not exceeding HKD1,200 **for selected group medical policies only
Or you can

    Download and complete Claim Form


    Collect claims documents


    Submit Claim Form and documents within 90 days from date of consultation / treatment


    Claims assessment and approval by Manulife Claims Department


    Receive claims Payment Advice and / or payment
Claims Documents
Basic Requirements
  • Group Medical Claim Form
  • Attach all original medical receipts and copies of bill/ invoice(if applicable) with clear information provided as follows:
    • Full name of the patient (must be identical with HKID card or other recognized personal identification)
    • Specific medical diagnosis. Non-specific diagnosis (e.g. medical illness / surgical treatment) is insufficient for claim assessment.
    • Consultation / Treatment Date
    • Breakdown of charges (consultation fee, medication, laboratory fee etc.)
    • The attending Doctor's signature and chop
Additional Requirements (if applicable)
  • Attach Doctor's referral letter for the diagnostic laboratory test or X-ray, physiotherapy treatment, specialist consultation or Prescribed Medication from outside Clinic. The referral letter for laboratory tests or x-ray is valid once within 6 months from the date of issuance. Referral letter for other services is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance.
  • Dental benefits: If you know your dental benefits (e.g. filling/extraction) are provided on per tooth basis, please check if tooth number is shown on receipt. If the said treatment is done for multiple teeth, please invite dentist to state the itemized charge of each tooth on receipt.
  • If your claim was processed by another insurer(s), please provide the Certified true copy of the receipt and the Settlement Notice(s) / Payment Advice(s) issued by the other insurer(s).
  • If the claim document is neither in Chinese nor English, kindly request doctor or medical facility to provide translation in English. It will help claim adjudication significantly.

Claims Submission

Once the claim has been processed, you will receive another alert email. Then, you may login to our Customer Website to check the claim status or view past claim records (up to the past 1 year) under “Group Life & Health > Claim Inquiry” section (only applicable to eligible members).

By Mail:
Group Medical Claim Department
Employee Benefits, Manulife (International) Limited
P.O. Box 70302, Kowloon Central Post Office

To your Human Resource Department or plan administrator if applicable.

Got any further questions? Please contact our Customer Service by email or phone: (852) 2108 1388 (Hong Kong) or (853) 8398 0383 (Macau).