Green Initiatives

Making Environmental Protection A Priority

Here are some of the key initiatives we have undertaken to help save the environment:

Using Less Paper

  • Reduced 8% consumption or 2.2 million pieces of paper in office through the "Use Less Paper" program running from October 2008 to September 2009.
  • Saved another 1.3 million pieces of paper in the course of a year through introducing electronic distribution of Employer Monthly Package since November 2009.
  • Cut paper-cup consumption from 120,000 to 66,000 in a year.
  • Launched a customers' electronic newsletter, Connect, in mid 2010, another step on our "green" path, which will save more than 1.3 million sheets of paper a year. 
  • Reduce paper usage for consolidated statements by 99%, saving over 930,000 sheets of paper a year, following an opt-in option for customers to receive these online since 2009.
  • Save about 140,000 sheets of paper annually by sending Terms and Conditions online to customers who have requested PIN.
  • Produced our first eBook version of Annual Review, saving 485,000 hard-copy pages in 2009.

Optimal Use of Office Supplies

  • Installed advanced multi-function printers at staff office. This lessens paper wastage and has reduced by about 60 per cent the number of printing devices, which greatly lowers ozone emissions.
  • Collected more than 1,370 obsolete computers, printers and computer accessories for charity in 2008 – 2010.
  • Collected more than 2,000 ink cartridges for recycling in a year.
  • Use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper for plain A4 paper in office.
  • Use recycled paper and paper approved by the FSC to print corporate materials, diaries and calendars.
  • Set up waste-categorization rubbish bins at office premises.

Saving Energy

  • Set the automatic switch-off for lighting and fancoil systems in the office at an earlier time.
  • Do not turn on the rooftop LED signage at Manulife Financial Centre during daytime.
  • Adopt environmentally friendly lighting system at our Hong Kong headquarters office.

Corporate Activities

  • Organise environmental seminars for staff to enhance knowledge of green living and various environmental issues.
  • Staff volunteers go weeding and field work.
  • Share environmental tips and information through dedicated site on the Company intranet to increase staff awareness and encourage environmentally friendly behaviour.
  • Support WWF's Earth Hour.

We have had our Wastewi$e Label upgraded to Level Excellence, one of the prestigious award schemes of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, for our waste reduction and recycling efforts. Beside, we are also proud to be a partner of the WWF Hong Kong, Friends of the Earth and Conservancy Association.

On an ongoing basis, Manulife will continue to expand our efforts to help the environment in a responsible manner.