Why Key Person Insurance Matters

The loss of an owner or a key personnel whose contributions are integral for a business’ success can be devastating. It can result in a drastic loss of profit, customer base and even reputation. Protecting your business against such risks is often a prudent step toward business continuity, while addressing the concerns of your key stakeholders.

Key Man Insurance is a policy taken by an employer to mitigate financial losses in the event of a loss of key individual, whether it is the owner, important senior executive or a key contributor whose knowledge, work, or overall contribution is considered uniquely valuable to the business. Although it does not indemnify actual losses, it can provide a valuable cash relief for any loss and costs for identifying a suitable replacement.

Choosing Manulife

Here are some of the reasons why many businesses choose Manulife Key Person Insurance:

  • Wide spectrum of plan choice to suit different business needs and budgets
  • Professional service from Manulife that caters to your every key person’s need
  • Tailor-made planning and solution upon request

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