Why You Need Child Care Insurance

Caring for your children can be both rewarding and costly. Often parents are concerned about their education, savings and protection needs at the expense of their own needs. This increases risks as an unforeseen accident or disability to the breadwinner can put their children’s aspirations at risk.

Child care insurance is designed to protect these needs and finances. It covers both medical and education needs and can be combined with a savings plan to ensure the insured child will enjoy the best protection and gain the best opportunities to reach their fullest potential. It also ensures your own protection needs are not compromised as a result.

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Choosing Manulife

Here are some reasons for choosing Manulife Care for Your Children:

  • Comprehensive plan that includes an education fund, lifetime savings and insurance protection
  • All-round protection for your children to help them realise opportunities to succeed at all stages of their lives
  • Over a century of experience in protection solutions