Why Quality Medical Care Matters

It's a fact medical expenses are soaring, with inflation and higher hospital bills the major contributing factors. When you retire, your medical expenses are expected to rise and you may need to seek professional advice to manage this. But with the right planning, these concerns can be comprehensively met.

At Manulife, we understand the different needs for medical care. Manulife Quality Medical Care has different offerings designed to meet your unique concerns and fit your lifestyle or life stage. Whether you're just starting out, growing your family or soon to retire, each package is designed to give you minimum hassle and maximum peace of mind.

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Choosing Manulife Quality Medical Care

Here are some of the reasons why many choose Manulife Quality Medical Care:

  • eClaims service - an innovative online claims platform that simplifies medical claim submission in just 3 simple steps. Click here for details.
  • Option to have your expenses reimbursed or to receive a cash benefit when being hospitalized
  • Comprehensive and guaranteed medical coverage
  • Our medical care packages cover all major hospitals and medical centres
  • Extendable to outpatient treatment so the life insured can concentrate on recovery after hospitalization