Mutual Funds / Unit Trusts

Mutual Funds / Unit Trusts are professionally managed investments. The money of many individuals is pooled together and invested in a number of stocks, bonds and money markets etc.

With the diverse number of funds available, you need to find a provider that balances choice with needs. At Manulife, we offer three different umbrella funds that comprise of a number of different sub-funds that allows you to invest small amounts with flexibility. Our strong investment expertise and numerous information channels also aim to keep you updated about the latest investment insights.

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Your Manulife Advantage

Here are some reasons for choosing Manulife Mutual Funds / Unit Trusts:

  • Award-winning Funds across the investing spectrum
  • Award-winning wealth management services
  • Offers investment opportunities in a wide range of geographical locations, sectors and asset classes
  • A name you know and trust

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Investment involves risk. Investors should not rely on this material alone to make investment decisions and should read the offering document for details, including the risk factors, charges and features of the product. This material has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). Issued by Manulife Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited.