Income after retirement

Often, retirement means a loss of regular income. After living entirely on regular pay, this can be a drastic change. This sees many spending their golden years worrying about adequate savings, instead of enjoying them to the fullest.

Manulife’s Savings and Continuous Income provide a better alternative. With our range of offerings that cater to different lifestyle preference, they ensure that you still enjoy continuous income after retirement. They also come bundled with a wide range of health and medical benefits that allows you to live each moment the way you want it.


Why Manulife?

Here are some reasons for choosing Manulife Savings & Continuous Income offerings:

  • Annual dividends and guaranteed cash value help you to meet your retirement goals.
  • You can set the number of years you want to earn continuous income.
  • Bundled with comprehensive protection to ensure a peace of mind.
  • Have the option to retrieve part of the guaranteed retirement payment and use the rest to accumulate interest or buy annuity.