Accelerated Development Program

In Manulife, we vigorously select and develop high potential staff via our robust learning curriculum, stretch assignments, exclusive learning interventions, executives interchange, cross-functional projects, etc to accelerate Manulife’s talent pipeline to meet future leadership needs.

Program Highlight

We see high potential talent as someone with outstanding performance, clear potential to fast-track upward, high career aspiration and strong engagement to Manulife.  Those who fulfill these criteria can be nominated to the program.  Members have opportunities to explore and experience development job rotation, job shadowing, mentorship with senior management, executive round-table, exclusive learning events, strategic task force … etc, apart from stretch assignments and on-the-job training.

From our Program Members

“I am keen to further my dialogue and will keep acquaintance with my mentor in the future.”

(a mentee of the Mentorship Program)

“It increases the breadth of our knowledge. I ventured in a subject that’s really new to me.”
(who was a study team member of the Executive Interchange)

“We experienced… different business decisions bring us to different ‘journeys’.”
(who had participated in our exclusive learning interventions)

“When you are a leader, you need to step forward to help. A supportive leader enables the best teamwork.”

(who had participated in job shadowing)