Staff Learning & Development

What is Learning & Development like in Manulife? From technical foundations to soft skills, from business knowledge to personal well-being … you will experience the wealth of learning via various training programs, sharing sessions, thematic seminars, wellness programs, experiential training courses … and many more, all designed around 4 pillars:

Learning Pillars' Highlights

People Capability

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We offer programs specifically tailored to enhance the core competencies and knowledge of our staff, for both career development and better work performance.

Performance Management

Managing people performance and development is a key agenda. Through different learning events, we solidify the performance management skills of our emerging and experienced leaders as they take on expanded accountability.

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Employee Engagement

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All along, Manulife places strong emphasis on attracting, engaging and developing our people. Maintaining personal wellness is essential as our people grow and glow. Our initiatives include health talks, wellness programs, seminars, luncheon sharings and health consultations.

Leadership Development

A Manulife Leadership curriculum that is tailored to sharpen the leadership skills of Manulife managers as they navigate in a fast-growing industry that calls for outstanding acumen, agility and strategic thinking.

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