Take control of your life with a career that suits your needs.

As a Manulife Financial Planner, you can use your strengths to the fullest and build a successful career while achieving your life goals, defining your very own #MyManulife story. Through providing high quality financial planning solutions and services to customers, you can help them with their most significant financial decisions, and as you do this you can also take full control of your life with all the flexibility you need to set and achieve different life goals.

Q&A: Financial Planning as a Career

Q: What is financial planning, and does it mean selling insurance products?
A: Financial planning is the process of achieving your life goals through proper management of your finances. At Manulife, we put customers first. We have developed a unique three-step approach to financial planning: Connect, Customize and Grow. Manulife Financial Planners have to understand the needs of their clients, so that they can tailor a comprehensive and suitable plan. It’s more than just selling insurance; it’s a way to help people achieve their goals.

Q: As a financial planner, will my income be unstable?
A: Being a financial planner is like starting your own business, where you can arrange your own work schedule. Your income potential as a financial planner is based on your performance and can be extremely competitive compared with other professions. Our career development path is very transparent, with promotions earned once you achieve designated targets.

Manulife offers comprehensive support along the way, including on-the-job training and digital tools that help newcomers become successful. Also, as one of the largest MPF providers in Hong Kong, we provide an MPF platform that can help you grow your customer base.

Q: I don’t know a lot of people. Am I suitable for this industry?
A: Many newcomers worry about being turned away by potential customers or about meeting new people. Don’t worry, though, as you’ll not only receive sales technique training from Manulife, but also best practice sharing from your own team. Managers provide one-on-one guidance, or may even accompany you when you pay customers a visit. If you are interested in joining Manulife, we are happy to provide the internationally recognized Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) test, helping you understand whether you are suitable for this career.

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