Manulife Hong Kong Agency Force’s Mission and Vision - Caring and Professional


We provide caring and professional solutions to meet people’s financial goals.


To strive for excellence and be the most trusted and professional agency force to lead the industry in Hong Kong.

How did our mission and vision come into being?

The mission and vision statements of the Hong Kong agency force have been jointly developed by the Hong Kong senior management and the agency management team.   They met in early 2005 and based on the company's vision and core values, they generated a draft of the mission and vision statements for the Hong Kong Agency. The current version emerged as a result of months of careful deliberation and discussion.

What does “caring and professional” mean?

To be caring and professional means that, as financial advisors, we value our clients and care about their interests. In order to provide our clients with solutions that meet their financial goals, we are constantly striving to improve our performance by updating our professional knowledge and skills.  We always adhere to the strictest standards of professionalism and integrity when serving our clients. This is what our clients expect of us and what we expect of ourselves as well.