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Self-Employed Person


Manulife MPF Scheme for Self Employed Persons

Pay MPF via Cheque Deposit Machine

Now you can make MPF contribution payment via HSBC cheque deposit machine in HK.

Pay MPF via Cheque Deposit Machine

MPF option for self-employed person

Preparing to start your venture? Your success depends on the level of risks you face when realizing your plan and whether you can find a trusted partner who cares.


Partnering with Manulife

Manulife understands that entrepreneurs take on different risks. When you focus on taking your venture to heights of success, you require an MPF service provider who can safeguard your golden years. Our one-stop MPF offering aims to provide you with the peace of mind needed to concentrate on building your business.

Services for self-employed person include:

  • e-MPF Member Online Service: You can manage your MPF account easily on our Customer website anytime, anywhere. Charts will be used to illustrate your latest MPF account information, such as investment risk levels, asset allocation, and a summary of your MPF account movements, for easy understanding of your account status.
  • e-Alert Service: We will send an alert to your registered email address to notify you of useful information about your MPF account, such as when your latest member benefit statement is available.
  • Same Day Dealing via online and Interactive Voice Response System (“IVRS”): If we receive any investment instruction(s) from you via online or IVRS before 4pm on any business day, we will process your instruction(s) using the fund price of that day.
  • Online Member Benefit Statement: Both monthly and annual member benefit statements are available on our Customer website for your review.

To learn more about our electronic services, please contact our Member Hotline at 2108 1388.

  • Smart Call Service – 2108 1313: With this interactive voice response system, you may check the latest market value of your fund balance, keep track of fund prices, and even switch funds at anytime.
  • Member Hotline – 2108 1388: Our professionally trained customer service staff are just a phone call away to answer your inquiries.
  • Monthly Fund Summary: By logging in through our customer website, you may view the Monthly Fund Summary online so as to keep track of our fund information anytime.
  • Customer Service Center: You may visit our customer service centers located conveniently in Kwun Tong if you need any help. Drop box services are also available in our office in Kwun Tong.
  • Professional MPF Intermediary Service: Our registered MPF intermediaries are available to offer professional and personal assistance in matters relating to MPF management and retirement planning.
  • Investment Information Update: Visit and peruse our reports on fund performance and fund managers’ comments presented by our investment experts.
  • Investment Seminars: Investment seminars are held regularly so as to keep you abreast of the latest market trends.

Value-added services

Here are some additional services that may help better manage your retirement planning:


Personal Account

If you ceased to be self-employed, you can set up a personal account at Manulife and consolidate your MPF accrued benefits to it. With a Manulife Personal Account, you may enjoy special privileged rates on our management fees by way of bonus unit rebate (terms and conditions apply).


How to apply and transfer to Manulife?

It is easy to set up a personal account or transfer a scheme with us.

Simply call your Manulife MPF intermediary or our Member Hotline at 2108 1388 for details. For more information, please refer to the MPF Scheme Brochure and Key Scheme Information Document (KSID).

Monthly Summary


Hot offer - Personal Account

To manage your retirement investments more efficiently, you may consolidate your MPF accrued benefits from multiple to a single personal account. With Manulife Personal Account you may enjoy special privileged rates on our management fees by way of bonus unit rebate (terms and conditions apply)

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Online platform for personal account application/consolidation

Warning: Investment involves risks. Please refer to the MPF Scheme Brochure and Key Scheme Information Document (KSID) for details including risk factors, fees and charges of the scheme.

Check Personal Account records on MPFA website

Online registration

Forms download

Manulife MPF Overview

Offers you a wide range of constituent funds for an investment portfolio that can be tailored to individual needs and risk appetites, backed by all-round MPF services. You can select from a comprehensive MPF platform offering 29 different constituent funds, ranging from equity funds (international, regional, single-market and sector), bond funds (international, regional and single-market), mixed assets funds (lifestyle and target date), guaranteed funds to money market fund. Besides, the Default Investment Strategy (“DIS”) is also one of the available investment choices for you as required by the legislative requirement.

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Warning: Investment involves risks. Please refer to the MPF Scheme Brochure and Key Scheme Information Document (KSID) for details including risk factors, fees and charges of the scheme.

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