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Customer Feedback

Providing you with world-class customer service is part of our mission. We want to hear about your experience with us. Whether it is a compliment or complaint, your feedback will help us serve you better.


Please have a look at our FAQ for some common answers to general concerns.

We are committed to always putting you first throughout the customer journey. If you feel you have not been treated in this way or if you want to share with us your experience, good or bad, we’d love to hear from you.

We treat all customer feedback and concerns with the highest priority. If you have any complaint about our service or products, please reach out to us either through your servicing agent or one of the channels listed below.


How to Contact Us?


Phone : +852 2108 1188
Fax: +852 2807 3362
Mail: GPO Box 201, Hong Kong


Phone : +853 8398 0383
Service centre: Avenida De Almeida Ribeiro No. 61, Circle Square, 14 andar A, Macau

Frequently Asked Questions

We always welcome feedback from our customers. Your comments will help us better understand our customers’ expectations, and give us the insights we need to develop products and services to truly meet your needs.

For example:
Compliment – "Your contact center representative was very knowledgeable and helped answer my policy question in less than 5 minutes!"
Complaint – "I would like to know why my claim is taking so long to process? I was expecting an outcome 2 days ago."

We have several channels you can use to provide us with feedback: email, phone, mail or fax.

Phone: +852 2108 1188
Fax: +852 2807 3362
Mail: GPO Box 201, Hong Kong

Your concerns are our concerns - it is best for you to contact us as soon as you feel something isn’t meeting your expectations.

  • Try to stay calm and be polite, however angry or upset you may be. This will enable you to explain your issue as clearly and effectively as possible.
  • Keep things brief and to the point. Set out the facts clearly and in a logical order. Say why you are not happy and what you want us to do about it. This will make it easier for us to look into the problem and sort things out.

Anonymous complaints are investigated; however, if there is insufficient information, we may decide not to pursue your complaint.