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We are always exploring different convenient payment methods to suit your different lifestyles. Get to know different payment methods we are offering now.


  1. Please make your payment at least 3 working days prior to the due date.
  2. If payment is made from third party payer's account (other than the policyowner, life insured, beneficiary or the payer under the Payor Benefit), we reserve the right to arrange refund to payor's account via original payment channel.
  3. The above information is for reference only. For details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions, User Manual / Instructions, Prospectus, Offering Document, Principal Brochure, Funds Brochure and MPF Scheme Brochure prescribed by Manulife from time to time. In case of any inconsistency, Prospectus / Offering Document / Principal Brochure and Funds Brochure (as the case may be) shall prevail.