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Company MCN
MPF: Please refer to the Employer Monthly Package. The company MCN is printed at the top right-hand corner of the Account Statement. 
Group Life & Health: Please refer to the top-right hand corner of the Debit Note / Change Summary or the middle of the Payment Summary.


Company PIN
The company PIN is mailed to your company correspondence address once the MPF sub-scheme is set up or the Group Life and Health Insurance policy is effective.

No. Separate sets of company MCN and PIN are issued for MPF and Group Life and Health employer online services. Please log in with the corresponding MCN and PIN.

If you have forgotten your company PIN, you can request a new PIN online by the following steps:

  • Click "LOGIN" at the top right hand corner and select "EMPLOYER LOGIN"
  • Click the hyperlink "Request PIN" on the left menu bar
  • Enter your company Manulife Customer Number (MCN) and the first 6 numeric digits of your Business Registration (BR) Number, then click the "SUBMIT" button

A new company PIN will be mailed to your company correspondence address within 5 business days upon receiving your request.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

The above information is for reference only. For details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions, User Manual / Instructions, Prospectus, MPF Scheme Brochure, Offering Document, and Principal Brochure and Funds Brochure prescribed by Manulife from time to time. In case of any inconsistency, Prospectus / MPF Scheme Brochure / Offering Document / Principal Brochure and Funds Brochure (as the case may be) shall prevail.