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Contact Data Update Campaign Lucky Draw Result Announcement


The “Contact Data Update Campaign” was successfully concluded on June 29, 2018. Thank you for your participation and support.

Each winner will be awarded a pair of “Sam & Tam Happy Together Live In Concert Part 2 – Classic Express” tickets priced at HKD580 each.

The winners are listed below and will be notified individually by email for prize redemption details.


Winner Mobile No.
(First 4 Digits)
HO P** L** 6187
CHUNG K** C**** 9023
YUE C*** C**** M****** 9190
WONG Y** C*** P** 9162
TO S** L** J******* 9866
WONG P* H** J**** 9194
WONG C** S**** 6897
LEUNG K* S**** 9552
HO K*** M** S**** 9368
NG K**** L**** 9181
NG K** S** 9771
LEUNG H*** C*** 9034
KWAN M** Y** 9169
CHAN C**** Y* J***** 9304
CHU C** K**** 5590
TAM Y** W** 9780
CHEUNG K**** C**** 9430
WU S** H* 9383
LO C*** P*** 9171
WONG H*** C*** 5928
MA C*** C** 9037
KU M** Y*** 6167
LEE S**** Y** 9452
CHOI W*** H** 9160
FONG P** H** 9343
LUI K** K*** 6165
LAM K*** Y** 9282
AU K* M** 9301
KWAN S** K*** 6495
LIU W** H*** R***** 6480
LEUNG S** K*** 9122
FOK Y** Y*** 9134
CHOY K*** C**** 5971
CHAN Y** L** S****** 9605
TSE Y** S** S***** 9626
WONG S** W** 9015
LAI S** L*** M**** 9369
WAN P*** C**** 9303
NG W** M*** 6022
WONG H* W** 9269
TSANG T** C***** 9320
YIU B*** W** 9437
CHEUK M** K*** K**** 6389
LEUNG P** Y** 6122
TANG S** L** 9581
LAI N*** Y** J***** 9409
LUK S** K*** 9685
LEE P* P** 9420
LO S** L** 5504
MAK H** W** W***** 9521

Trade Promotion Competition License No.: 50580