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New Payment Service via Convenience Stores


Individual Insurance:Convenience Stores

(Applicable to HKD / USD / RMB policies with Renewal Modal Premium of HKD5,000 / USD630 / RMB4,000 or below only)
Eligible Convenience Stores Cashier counter at any 7-Eleven, Circle K, VanGO, or China Resources Vanguard Superstore/Shop in Hong Kong

Payment Currency

Hong Kong Dollar Cash only

Payment Amount

Payment in HKD (maximum HKD5,000)

Bring along document for premium payment

Premium Notice / Reminder with barcode

Notes :

1. This payment method is only applicable to policies with Premium Notice / Reminder printed with barcode.
2. Please keep the receipt of the payment for record purpose until you receive the Payment Confirmation Notice issued by Manulife.

The above information is for reference only. For details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions, User Manual / Instructions, Prospectus, Offering Document, and Principal Brochure and Funds Brochure prescribed by Manulife from time to time. In case of any inconsistency, Prospectus / Offering Document / Principal Brochure and Funds Brochure (as the case may be) shall prevail.