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Claims FAQ

The procedures for each type of claims are established to meet specific needs, so details of different claims procedures vary. Please refer to Group Insurance Claims Procedures for details.

If you have already received a benefit payment from another insurer before submitting a claim to Manulife, additional documents may be required:

- Hospitalization/Surgical or Outpatient/Dental
Copies of payment advices and original/certified true copies of receipts from other insurers (for claims paid by other insurers)

We understand the importance of medical documents. Except for hospital receipts and claim forms, we do not recommend submitting original copies of documents for claims.

Generally, upon receipt of all the required documents as specified in the relevant claim forms, it will take approximately 5 working days to process the claim. We’re committed to processing every claim as quickly as possible but the exact amount of time needed is subject to a number of factors including the claim submission method used (including in-person or via digital platform), complexity of the claim and whether the information provided in the required documents is complete and deemed satisfactory by our Claims Department, etc.

You can log on to our Customer Website, then select “Group Life & Health > Claims Inquiry” to find details of all the claims and benefit payments made within the past 1 year.

You can log on to our Customer Website, then go to “Group Life & Health > Policy Details” to view the information.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction. If you would like to provide feedback on our products or services, please send an email to, and we will give the matter our full attention.

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