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Manulife Global Select (MPF) Scheme (Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions) Application Package

MPF Scheme Brochure

Please read our MPF Scheme Brochure and the Key Scheme Information Document before you enrol.

A complete application package consists of these items. To open a Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions Account with Manulife, please download ALL items.

Direct Debit Authorization

For you to set up a direct debit authorization for contribution.

Scheme Member's Request for Transfer of Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (“TVC”)

For TVC account holder to transfer benefits from a TVC account in an original scheme to a TVC account in another new scheme

Please note that if you wish to transfer your TVC benefits from another scheme to Manulife, the transferred-in monies will be invested according to the "Contribution Investment Instruction" ("Instruction") of your TVC account with Manulife. In case you have not given the Instruction for your TVC account, the Instruction would have been defaulted as the "Default Investment Strategy". If you are not sure about of your TVC account, please check and make necessary changes so that the transferred-in monies can be invested according to your preference.